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Welcome to the Bassett Lodge and Range Cafe, where you can experience the charms, comforts and character the 1950's had to offer. Built as a booming "cattleman's" home away from home, little has changed at this classic mid-century modern style lodge and cafe. We remain your home away from home, with all the conveniences of a modern hotel and restaurant. Experience the "quirks" and comforts of our original 1950's building, period decor, and small town atmosphere.

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A Gem 

This hotel has been lovingly restored. The newest owners have finished what the previous had started. The entire hotel has been redone in 50's western. Be sure to eat at the adjoining cafe. The menu is an unexpected surprise. Just plain a friendly place with friendly people! 

Becesteve - Florida; TripAdvisor

Yelp Review

The Range Cafe is located in a historic building and attached to a super cute hotel.The lounge, restaurant and hotel were all well kept and everyone was very friendly. Breakfast was super cheap and vary flavorful - not to mention speedy. I'd recommend it as a stop and would definitely stop again if we find ourselves in the area.

Sarah G. - Omaha, NE

A Wonderful and Unique Experience

If you like generic hotels, you may not care for the Bassett Lodge, but you will be missing experiencing a class hotel of the good old days. ... The current owners have upgraded the rooms and beds, but I was relieved that the lobby has not lost any of it's old charm of yesteryear. ... The food at the Range Cafe is not fancy, but rivals many much more expensive and top-of-the line restaurants.

Gayle Z - Tuscon, AZ

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